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Eurostat: releases digital publication “People on the move”, with figures and data on mobility in Europe

(Brussels) Today the Statistical Office of the EU, Eurostat, released “People on the move”, a digital publication with statistics on people’s mobility in Europe for migration, education, work or tourism. The publication is divided into four chapters and describes people and citizens of the “European melting pot”, providing data on immigration and emigration. According to the publication, for instance, “among the 512 million persons living in the EU in 2018, 7.8% had a nationality other than their country of residence: 3.4% had a citizenship of another EU Member State and 4.4% of a non-EU Member State”. In Luxembourg, 41% of the population is citizen of another EU Member State, followed by 13% of Cyprus and 9% of Ireland. While the largest proportions of citizens originating from outside the EU were found in Estonia and Latvia (both 14%). In Italy, EU citizens accounted for 2,6% of the population, non-EU citizens for 5.9%. The publication also includes a chapter on mobility (for work or study) and a chapter on the means of transport used: 83% of the total kilometres travelled by Europeans were by car. The chapter also contains data about flights, the most popular routes and the busiest airports (Heathrow tops the list with 78 million passengers). The last chapter is about tourism and general travelling not for work, which concerned 62% of Europeans in 2017.

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