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EU: Tusk (Council) meets European Parliament. Positions for Eastern European countries; involve the Greens in European leadership

(Strasbourg) “I am fully confident that cooperation with the Greens and their presence in the EU decision-making bodies will benefit not only the governing coalition, but Europe as a whole”. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, unusually made these “partisan” remarks as he spoke today in the European Parliament about the majority coalition that may rule the EU in the coming years. “I will appeal to all my partners to involve the Greens in the nominations, even though there is still no European Council leader from this party. I hope – he said – that the newly-nominated Ursula von der Leyen will also listen to my appeal”. “In many countries green symbolises hope and freedom. I have much faith in this symbol”. He then went on to reflect on the geographical imbalance in the top jobs and those who may be elected to lead the EU in the coming years. “Speaking about different sensitivities in Europe, I would also like to mention the unity and geographical balance on the continent. As you know, I have personally struggled to maintain European unity in the past years, whether on solidarity with Ukraine, assistance to Greece, the migration crisis or the Brexit talks”. According to Mr Tusk, such unit also requires geographical balance: “there is still room for improvement as regards representatives from the East, in the overall architecture of European positions”.

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