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EU: European Development Days. Tajani (Parliament), “reducing inequalities requires major changes at all levels”

(Brussels) “Inequalities are a threat to economic and social development in all countries worldwide”. This is according to the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, who took the floor in Brussels today at the official opening of the European Development Days (EDD), an event sponsored by the European Commission that each year brings together thousands of participants involved in the development field: NGOs, Heads of State or Government, experts, journalists, influencers, and young leaders. For President Tajani, inequalities, which are the focus of this 13th edition, are the “root cause of populism and nationalism” and it is “urgent” to address them since they are “no longer sustainable”. In a world where “we are all connected” to one another, “reducing inequalities requires major changes at all levels”, the president said, speaking extensively about the African crisis. “If we do not react quickly”, President Tajani concluded, citing the case of Venezuela as an example, “we will move backwards”.

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