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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land, solution must be “based on the common good of all who live in this land without distinction”

“We, the heads of the Churches in the Holy Land, stand with all those living in the land first and foremost as human beings. We seek to show a way out of a permanent situation of war, hatred and death. We seek to point the way to a new life in this land, established on principles of equality and love”. A new appeal comes from the Assembly of the Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land, who, following the recent bloodsheds, underline that “any resolution must be based on the common good of all who live in this land without distinction”. Religious leaders call on Christians to “join their voices with Jews, Muslims, Druze and all others, who share this vision of a society based on equality and the common good and invite all to build bridges of mutual respect and love”. The proposal for a “two-state solution has gone nowhere and is repeated to no avail”. “All talk of political solution seems empty rhetoric in the present situation”. Hence the Bishops become the heralds of a “vision according to which everyone in this Holy Land has full equality”, since equality is “a fundamental condition for a just and lasting peace”, whatever political solutions might be adopted. “We have lived together in this land in the past”, the Bishops wrote, “why should we not live together in the future too?”.

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