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Pope Francis: audience, “let’s think of the starving children who are in countries that are at war and where there is no bread”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

“And now we’d better stop a bit and think of the starving children”. This is the impromptu proposal made by the Pope to the 16 thousand devotees who were in St Peter’s Square today. “Let’s think of the children who are in countries that are at war”, Francis went on, off the cuff: “The starving children of Yemen, the starving children in Syria, the starving children in many countries where there is no bread. In South Sudan …. Let’s think of such children and, in thinking of them, let’s say together, aloud, the prayer: ‘Father, give us this day our daily bread’”. “The bread that the Christian asks for in the prayer is not ‘my’ bread, it is ‘our’ bread”, the Pope explained about the first invocation of the second part of the Lord’s Prayer: “This is what Jesus wants. He teaches us to ask for it, not just for ourselves but for the whole fraternity of the world”. “If one does not pray like this, the Lord’s Prayer is no longer a Christian orison”, Francis warned: “If God is our Father, how can we show up to Him without joining hands, all of us? And if we steal from each other the bread He gives us, how can we be His children?”. “This prayer contains an attitude of empathy, an attitude of solidarity”, the Pope pointed out: “In my hunger, I feel the hunger of the multitudes, and so I’ll pray God until their demand is fulfilled. This is how Jesus teaches to His community, to His Church, to bring everyone’s needs to God: ‘Father, we are all Your children, have mercy on us!’”.



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