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Austria: Mgr. Gletter (Innsbruck), “it hurts to hear the government wants to rename reception centres ‘departure centres’”

“It really hurts to hear that the Austrian government has decided to rename reception centres for asylum seekers ‘departure centres’”. There is sadness in the words of Bishop Hermann Glettler of Innsbruck, who spoke in the margins of the press conference organised by Caritas in the Tyrolean capital city on Monday. Mgr. Glettler also criticised the decision taken by the Austrian Interior Minister, Herbert Kickl, to limit to €1.50 the hourly pay for asylum seekers who perform certain services at the federal level, in individual towns or municipalities, in addition to the basic subsidy. “1.50 euro is ridiculous”, the bishop of Innsbruck said, expressing serious concern about the recalculation of the minimum insurance cover, which will weigh on the shoulders of some citizens. “Unfortunately, the government has not paid sufficient attention to the expertise of those who work daily with those who live in need”, Mgr. Glettler said. The Diocese of Innsbruck is well aware of this reality. On Monday, Caritas Tyrol has presented “Katharina-Wärmestube”, a renovated reception centre run by the diocesan Caritas and the Tertiary Sisters of Innsbruck. The centre gives the poor a chance to wash themselves and eat a hot meal. The opening times for the facility have been extended from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 2pm. The presence of a social worker is always guaranteed. Breakfast is now also offered besides lunch, and the opening times for the showers have been extended from 2.5 to 5 hours a day.



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