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European elections: Austrian Bishops, old continent “needs constructive and inclusive policies rather than division and exclusion”

“The Austrian Bishops support and accompany European integration with the firm conviction that it is conducive to a peaceful coexistence in freedom, justice and solidarity, which are the highest political values. In this context, as many people as possible should exercise their democratic right to vote”. This is according to a statement issued at the end of the Plenary Assembly of the Austrian Bishops (Reichenau an der Rax, 18-21 March) largely focused on the “elections of the European Parliament”. The key argument is that “Europe needs constructive and inclusive policies rather than division and exclusion”, and there is therefore a need for “an informed voting decision”. The Bishops focus on some “fundamental issues that should be reflected upon” – the digitization and consequent transformation of the labour market; climate change; armed conflicts at the political borders of Europe; and peace, migration and the need to find “a just solution in the context of a common European policy”. “All this cannot be solved with national egoism, but requires the concerted interaction of all members of the European family”, the Bishops said. “At the basis of the European project lies the desire to create and maintain peace in Europe”, a “task” that “Christians too” should take on, for “today perhaps more than ever”, the EU needs their “contribution in terms of thought, prayer, participation and collaboration”.



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