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Strasbourg attack: Tajani (EU Parliament), “attack on peace and democracy”. “The power of freedom and democracy must prevail”

“Today is a difficult day for everyone in Europe. Yesterday, a criminal killed 3 European citizens and wounded 12 others in Strasbourg’s city centre. The city which is the seat of the European Parliament and a symbol of peace, the border between France and Germany. It was a criminal attack, an attack on peace and democracy, on our lifestyle. We must react, doing exactly the opposite of what those who want to hurt democracy do. We should move forward, without changing our habits. That is why we continued our plenary work last night, and today we are here to continue. The power of freedom and democracy must prevail over violent crimes and terrorism. We are close to the families of the victims”. The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, said this as he opened the Plenary sitting this morning. At noon, a minute of silence will be observed in solidarity with the victims. “Europe needs to be changed, not destroyed. That is the only way to show that our strength prevails over violence”, Tajani concluded.

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