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COMECE: monthly newsletter Europe-Infos turns 22. Poquillon, proposing “Europe’s common good from a Christian perspective”

Europe-Infos, the monthly newsletter of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE), established to inform the Bishops’ Conferences and the Christian community on what is at stake in the European construction and the challenges for the Church and society, celebrates its 22nd anniversary. In the editorial of the latest issue, published online (, the current secretary general, Poquillon Olivier, retraces its history from 1996 when “the Internet was far away from being the powerful tool we use today” and “establishing Europe-Infos was a wise move to provide a panorama of the European social, political and legal developments”. The newsletter, which was the fruit of the Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC) and COMECE joining their forces, has become “a forum of dialogue gathering the voices of those working for the common good, building up and enriching the European Union as ‘project for peace’”. Today, too, Poquillon wrote, “we feel the need to adapt to the changing world of communication”. Looking to 2019, which is expected to be a year of many changes with the European elections, a new Commission, a new president of the European Council and the outcome of Brexit, our commitment remains to propose “new ways to exchange on key challenges for Europe’s common good from a Christian perspective”.

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