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EU Parliament: Angela Merkel in Strasbourg tomorrow. Tajani, “best antidote to populism is achieving results”

Strasburgo: una veduta dell'emiciclo dell'Europarlamento

(Strasbourg) “The participation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the debate on the future of Europe comes at a crucial time. Our citizens call for a more efficient Europe, one that can answer their concerns. Together we must change our Union”. The president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, said this on the eve of the debate that MEPs will hold on the future of European integration at the European Parliament in Strasbourg tomorrow afternoon, with the participation of Angela Merkel. “We need a more political Europe, one that looks to the future with a clear vision”. Tajani added: “The best antidote to populism is achieving results: from the reform of asylum rules to stepping up border control, to more investments in Africa”, besides “creating jobs and combating climate change”. The plenary session starts today at 5pm. Topics on this week’s agenda include the EU’s multiannual budget for 2021-2017, the regulation of arms exports, renewable energy sources, and more protection for the rights of minorities in Europe.

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