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Luxembourg: dioceses, facts and figures. “Reshaping the parishes”, fewer christenings and more marriages

The archdiocese of Luxembourg tells about itself in ninety pages of “facts and figures” in the 2016 Report. In addition to their economic and financial standing, the Report offers an overview of the pastoral efforts and initiatives that have taken place under the aegis of the archdiocese. The key factor in the pastoral service was the “reshaping of the parishes”, explains the vicar, don Leo Wagener, a process in which we tried to involve as many people as possible through the 47 meetings that were held throughout the year, to “shape the future of the parishes”, officially decreased from 247 to 33 last May. One of the events that left its stamp on 2016 are the celebrations for the 350th anniversary of the raising of Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted, to patron saint of Luxembourg City. The repealing of religion lesson in schools (starting next Autumn) and the need to come up with educational programmes in the new parishes prompted reflections about the catechesis in the parishes. 2016 also marked the start of the preparations for the 130 volunteers who offer pastoral care to sick and old people who cannot go to their parishes any longer. In terms of figures, compared to 2015, 2016 saw fewer christenings (2490), first communions (3298), confirmations (720), and funerals (2426). Only marriages increased: 383 versus 2015’s 334.

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