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Brexit: Theresa May requests delay until 30 June

Il presidente del Consiglio europeo Donald Tusk assieme alla premier britannica Theresa May

In a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk, UK Prime Minister Theresa May requested Brexit be delayed until 30 June. According to the current agreements, the UK is due to leave the EU in a week, on 12 April. In her letter, the British Prime Minister said she hopes the UK can avoid holding European elections on 23 May. She also said she is confident about her talks with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. Should meetings with Jeremy Corbyn fail to lead to a “single unified approach”, Mrs May explained, MPs in Westminster would vote on a number of options which the Government “stands ready to abide by”. The Prime Minister in her letter also stressed the UK’s commitment to participating in the European elections if the UK Parliament fails to reach an agreement before elections are scheduled. “The United Kingdom accepts the European Council’s view that if the United Kingdom were still a Member State of the European Union on 23 May 2019, it would be under a legal obligation to hold the elections”, Mrs May concluded. European leaders will decide whether or not to accept Britain’s extension request at the Emergency meeting of the European Council which will be held on Wednesday, 10 April, to discuss Brexit. All other 27 EU Member States need to agree for an extension to be granted to the UK.



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