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Altar servers: 60,000 altar boys and girls expected in Rome end of July for international pilgrimage

Sixty thousand altar servants will be travelling to Rome as part of their annual “international pilgrimage” that will take place from 30 July to 3 August. The pilgrimages of individual countries and dioceses each have “their own profile”, the Press Office of the German Bishops’ Conference, in charge of coordinating the information, reports. Joint events will include a special audience with Pope Francis on Tuesday, 31st July, at 6pm, preceded by an event of prayer and celebration to “get in the mood”, while on Wednesday, 1st August, from 6pm, groups coming from three different dioceses will gather at 300 locations in Rome. “Seek peace and pursue it” – this is the motto of the pilgrimage, which also has a “hymn” in several languages. “The political turmoil in recent months and years has shown that the youth of Europe above all should experience, even on a personal level, the common values and bonds to build the future together”, the organizers explain. “Strengthened by our common roots and shared journey, and encouraged by the Holy Father, we are therefore all committed to children, adolescents and young adults in this valuable service”. An App called “goRome” and a YouTube channel, where the various groups can upload videos documenting their experience, will facilitate the exchange in view of this great meeting.

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