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Russia 2018: mgr. Kosic (Sisak), may Croatia’s win “reunite us as a nation”

Mons. Vlado Kosic

(IKA-SIR) “I am glad for this great victory, for all those who supported Croatia, for Croatians in Croatia, in Bosnia Herzegovina and in the world”. This is what the bishop of Sisak, mgr. Vlado Kosic, said in a comment on the Croatian Catholic radio, the day after Croatia defeated England in the World Cup. “Our participation in the World Cup – the bishop states – made us proud again, proved us how big the Croatian heart is, and that, if we are united, we can do great things”. Kosic says that, “during the match with England, I lived every single moment to the fullest; it was painful, when they scored against us at first, but I believed our guys would make it”. “They are really sweet guys – the bishop points out –; may the Lord grant them to get to the end, even if they have done a lot already”. Kosic also expressed his satisfaction for the fact that “all players say ‘thank God, ‘with God’s help, ‘God willing, we’ll win’”. In his opinion, “Croatia’s debut in the football world is also due to the Lord and to its many prayers”. “May this win and this beautiful atmosphere reunite us a nation”, wishes mgr. Kosic, who thinks that “this event has shown to Croatians that they can make it”. In addition, the bishop points out that many of these players come from Croatian communities living abroad, while they play in the greatest European and international teams. “By reuniting Croatians at home and abroad, we will find the key to Croatia’s success”, he concludes.

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