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Pope Francis: message on Poor’s Day, “oppressed by policies not worthy of that name”. More attention to the “rejected and marginalised”

“Understanding who the true poor are, on whom we are called to look upon in order to hear their cry and recognise their needs”: that’s the Pope’s appeal in his message on the second World Day of the Poor made known today. The World Day of the Poor will be on 18 November on the subject: “This poor man cried and the Lord heard him”. “The Lord listens to those who are downtrodden in their dignity and yet have the strength to look up in order to receive light and comfort. He listens to those who are persecuted in the name of a false justice, oppressed by policies unworthy of the name and intimidated by violence. And yet they know that they have their Saviour in God”. “No-one can feel excluded from the Father’s love, especially in a world which often elevates riches as the primary objective and leads us to isolation”: that’s the Pope’s warning, encouraging us to focus on “the poor, rejected and marginalised”.

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