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Eurobarometer: survey one year after European elections. “Economic optimism and growing confidence in the EU”

(Strasburg) It is always difficult to say how reliable surveys are. All the more so when we talk about Europe. Following the survey published by Eurobarometer today, “the majority of Europeans believe that the economic situation is good, and the people are optimistic about their future”; moreover, “confidence in the Union” would be “increasing, while support to the economic and monetary Union would be at the highest level”. The survey was made from 17 to 28 March by interviewing 33 thousand European citizens. Among the most important elements: increasing number of people saying “to have taken advantage of the key policies of the EU, while two thirds of Europeans want the EU to be strong in the trading sector”. Eurobarometer says that the majority of Europeans “have a positive image of the Union”; the percentage of the interviewed believing their voices to be important reached the highest level since 2004. Above all, people are optimistic in relation to economy, depending on different member States. “Europeans still have positive opinions on the state of European economy (50%, +2 percentage points with respect to autumn 2017, against 37% having negative opinions, -2). It is the highest score since 2007. In 25 member countries, the majority of the interviewed say that the situation of European economy is good (with respect to the 23 member States in autumn 2017). From autumn 2017, positive perceptions gained ground in 21 member States”.

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