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Poland. Tomorrow, second Christian Social Congress on “Christian civilisation”

“For Poland and for Christian civilisation” is the title of the second Christian Social Congress organised in the Polish city of Poznan tomorrow. The event, which aims at “promoting an exchange of views between Christians”, will bring together lots of leaders from different Churches, from the government, the political world and several civil associations. In addition, the organisers expect the general manager of the European Christian Political Movement, Guido Van Beusekom, and the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ferenc Kalmar, to be there too. Boguslaw Kiernicki, president of The Saint Benedict’s Foundation and promoter of the initiative, emphasises the importance of the Congress, “scheduled as part of the celebrations for the 1050th anniversary of the Christianisation of Poland in response to St John Paul II’s encouragement to build the civilisation of life”. At the end of the event, a final document will be adopted: the Poznan Charter of “Catholic rights, rules and policies designed to build the Christian civilisation”. Launched by Polish MEP Marek Jurek, the first Congress took place in Warsaw in October 2015.

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